You slurp Trump’s authority?

The last time I wrote about Donald Trump’s public relations, it wasn’t good. But we’ve moved on from his daughter’s scarves, and today’s Trump trend is about matters of convenience.

7-Eleven Convenient Stores to be exact.

While speaking at a pre-NY primary rally in Buffalo, Trump mistakenly replaced “9/ll” with “7-11” while referencing the infamous day in our nation’s history.

And, of course, social media is lit up this morning with this video from KTNV News in Las Vegas.


Most people sharing this video are laughing about it. I’m sure by the end of the day, some very creative people will be posting some incredibly punny memes. After all, Trump’s slip of the tongue is funny.

But, then there’s the die-hard people who are against Trump no matter what using this as another reason not to vote for him as president.  To paraphrase some of the many comments I’ve read, “how can we trust him as president, when he can’t even get this date right?”

I’d just like to ask everyone to give Trump a break on this one.

Given the amount of times Trump, and every political candidate, has to speak to the public on a daily basis, mistakes are bound to happen. I’m sure all of the candidates have made errors.

Who knows, maybe Trump was craving a Slurpee™?

If you’ve ever had to give a public speech, even just one, you know how easy it is to goof up.

For those of us in public relations, we know that a lot of crisis management is about fixing public comments and slips of the tongue. That’s because some mistakes are downright serious.

But, honestly, Trump’s “7-11” slip isn’t worth more than one news cycle of our time and shouldn’t be taken too seriously.  I’m sure there are more important things we can be focusing on in the presidential election.


#DonaldTrump #7Eleven

Note: No discussion questions today, but as usual, all respectful and constructive dialogue is welcome.

It would also be interesting to see if sales at 7-Elevens increase or decrease over the next few days because of Trump’s mistake. What do you think?




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