The New Scrooges

In my last post I talked about the common conception that marketing and PR pros are soulless.  Yes, that’s right. Soulless.

This came about in part by a conversation I had with my son and his future employment options. During that conversation he said that one of his professors is pro-advertising/marketing/PR in the film industry, and that professor has brought in former film students who have taken jobs in the advertising industry.  My son said that not one of the former students recommended this path because (and I quote) “it’s a thankless, soulless way to make a living.” My son did not know why the professor did this since he’s pro using film skills in the communications field.

“Maybe he didn’t know what they were going to say ahead of time?” I ask.

“Yeah, but it wasn’t just one person.  All of them have said the same thing.  You’d think he’d learn his lesson” my son answers.

“True.  So very true.”

We happened to have this conversation right before our extended family came over to celebrate my son’s 21st birthday, so I was forced to put it out of my mind for a while.

But later that night, I couldn’t sleep so I turned the T.V. on and watched the end of one cheesy Christmas movie and the beginning of another.  Aside from the typical Christmas movie plot where someone “bad” suddenly has an epiphany about their life and changes just in time for Christmas Eve, do you know what else these movies had in common?  Both of the main characters’ chosen profession was PR/Marketing.

At 3AM, there it was. I had my own epiphany.

What happened to the villains in holiday movies being greedy accountants (A Christmas Carolor bankers (It’s a Wonderful Life)?  I mean, after all we’re still recovering from the Great Recession, the burst of the housing bubble  and 2008 crash of Wall Street. Shouldn’t bankers still be the ones needing reform?  I whisper this out loud,  my hushed tone laced with a pinch of sarcasm and a whole bunch of facetiousness.

In all seriousness, and even at this very early hour, I tend to be very analytical.  I like to connect the dots between things that seem to be unrelated, but in the end a pieces of a giant puzzle, just waiting to be put together.  Can it really be that people have such disdain for professionals in the communications fields that they have become the new Scrooges in holiday movies, shows and books?

I got up and went into my den.  I couldn’t sleep anyway, so I might as well spend the next few hours with several hot cups of coffee and my computer, researching if there’s actually enough to write about for the next several weeks.  Even though I’ve been wanting to write again, I was sincerely hoping that my research would be less than fruitful.

Instead, I found that my hypothesis was true.  I found more than enough for us to study how people in the communications fields are the new Scrooges in holiday media.

I hope that I have piqued your interest enough for you to follow along while we delve into this phenomenon.  I appreciate the follow and please feel free to share.

Be sure to check back over the next couple of days when we examine the ever-popular The Santa Clause, the 1994 Disney film starring Tim Allen.






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