The Holidays

Before I get to today’s topic, I’d like to give a shout-out to Jeff, who commented on my post from earlier in the week. Seems like I totally missed the mark on the movie Santa Baby.  Santa’s daughter doesn’t give up her career as owner of a marketing firm after all, and Jeff pointed out that in the sequel, there’s a small mention of her business.  Thanks Jeff, for pointing this out.  I appreciate it!

Now, on to today’s topic: The Holiday Season.

There’s a reason this time of year is called that: There are many religious, secular, and even parody holidays celebrated by various sub-groups of the world’s population. Some depend upon where you live, other’s are celebrated around the world at the same time.

Some of them you’ve heard about: Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa and New Year’s.

Some you might know, at least by name: Yule, Festivus, Boxing Day, and St. Nicholas’ Day.

Some of them, you probably haven’t heard of at all, unless you’re part of the population that celebrates them. There’s Bodhi Day,  Feast of Winter Veil,  Pancha Ganapati and  Newtonmas.

There are so many holidays this time of year, that it would take a really, really long time to list them all, especially when you factor in all the special national days and months declared by individual nations.

It’s almost like every major religion, group and organization chose the end of the calendar year to celebrate something.

I only bring this up, because in my quest for references to communications professionals in holiday films, shows and books at “the new Scrooges”, I wanted to be inclusive of other holidays rather than just Christmas.

But, you know what? I couldn’t.  Only Christmas.  Granted, because there’s so many holidays out there this time of year, it would probably take me years to make a substantial claim about this, but as far as I could tell, the only holiday in which communications pros such as marketers, journalists and public relations specialists are portrayed as characters who need to change their lives in order to be decent humans is Christmas.

So, it looks like I have to tweak my initial hypothesis.

“In the days leading up to Christmas, I will be exploring this notion that marketing and PR is “soulless” in holiday themes.  We’ll look at holiday movies, television shows and books and present them as case studies.”

I will change the word “holiday” to Christmas, and I have a thought or two about my discovery.

It’s my best, unscientific guesses that communications pros are only portrayed as “soulless” in Christmas films, books and shows, and not other holiday offerings is:

  1. There are very little “other” holiday films, books, and shows.  At least in the U.S..
  2. Other holidays have held onto the true meanings of the celebration.
  3. A majority of the other holidays do not focus on material possessions.

Tomorrow, I’ll talk a little bit about those three points. Then on Monday and Tuesday of next week, I’ll present a couple of final lists before wrapping things up for the “holidays”.

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