Sean Spicer revisited

Last week I had high hope for incoming White House press secretary Sean Spicer.

I talked about ways that Spicer can ethically fulfill his public relations duties and obligations to President-Elect Trump and the Trump administration while also protecting freedom of the press and keeping the public informed.

Well, it looks as if Spicer’s only concern is protecting Trump and forgetting ALL of the constituents he is obligated to.

Look at some of the recent stories involving Sean Spicer:

Trump’s press secretary on healthcare goals, fight with Rep. John Lewis

Trump spokesman calls on Schumer to denounce protesters at Sessions’ confirmation

Trump Team: Top Adviser Talked With Russian Ambassador Before U.S. Hacking Response (Gen Flynn is the subject of the story, but Spicer’s comments is in the 2nd paragraph)


But the one that has me the most concerned is this:

While Spicer indicated Sunday that no decisions have been made yet as to the nature and location of daily press briefings, transition officials are mulling several potential changes that would allow more reporters to cover the Trump administration. One of those may involve moving the daily briefing from its current quarters, where just 49 reporters can have seats, although that proposal has alarmed veterans of the White House press corps.” – Sarah Westwood, Washington Examiner

Accountability and transparency of the White House press room requires that the press have access to the incoming president and his administration.  Moving the White House press room takes away both of these important ethical public relations practices and thwarts freedom of the press.

Protecting the president from the press may be Spicer’s first order of business, but as White House press secretary, he also is obligated to be a champion of the press and is accountable to the American people by making certain that the press has access to the daily goings-on in the federal government and Trump’s administration.

We need to stand up for our freedoms and make sure that Trump and Spicer do not take this away from us.






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