Brand Building Blunder

Driving down the NY State Thruway from Herkimer to Albany, there are two large billboards, one more visible from the eastbound lane, the other from the westbound.

The question both ask drivers is

How do you build a brand?

Good question for all public relations and marketing managers.

But, not for the company who purchased space on these two billboards.



Photo taken on 20 Jan 2017

Can you see the billboard?

No? Well, let me zoom in for you.


When I first saw the eastbound sign, it was too late for me to take a photo.  Plus, I was driving.  So, I made my husband promise to remind me to take a picture when I came back from my trip.  Not that he would remember, but it’s my way of making a mental note.

After five days away, I remembered.  As we got closer to the billboard, I spotted the one in the photo above.  I totally missed it the first time.  Good thing I got a picture of this one because by the time that I got to the other one, a passing tractor trailer obstructed the view.

But, both are about equal-distance away from the Thruway and have the same design and message.  Except this one is even more obstructed than the other one by the power tower and trees.

The question the company asks is a good one, and I can only assume that the company is a marketing firm, but who could tell? I still can’t read the phone number or the company name.

Maybe I’ll make another trip out to Albany, NY soon and will be able to answer that question, but for now an extensive Google search and look on Google Earth did not reap any results. I be sure to update you.

Questions for you

  1. Given that this large billboard is costing this firm anywhere between $1,500 and $5,000 per month per sign, is this the most cost effective strategy?
  2. Given that the billboard is poorly designed so that motorists traveling between 65 and 75 mph cannot read the phone number or firm name, how will it help generate traffic for the firm?
  3. Would you trust this company to help build your own brand?
  4. Would you call this sign design good, or a brand building blunder?

I look forward to your responses.

As always, thank you for following, commenting and sharing.




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