Today’s RoundUP: Valentine’s Edition

If you didn’t catch my last post, I have a brand new focus.  I’ll be sharing three items of interest in each post.  One public relations, one marketing and one journalism story that inspires those in these communications fields to be the very best.

Here are today’s picks with a Valentine’s Day theme.

Public Relations

hotel-clipart-hotel5In January, Mihaela Lica Butler of Hospitality Net published an excellent article for those in the hotel industry on how to promote Valentine’s Day.  The article gave excellent tips about how to “think outside the box” through special services that are unique to each individual hotel property. But the best tip of all was that Valentine’s Day isn’t just about making money and cashing in on the holiday, but a day for “relationship building”.

I have several friends who are single or recently divorced, and they dread this day, so I thought that the reminder at the end of the article that not everyone staying at hotels on Valentine’s Day are in relationships was sensitive and appropriate.



This week, President Trump and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau met in Washington to discuss women entrepreneurs and business leaders and other matters. The meetings were “cordial” and focused on the commonalities our neighboring countries have with one another, signifying the long-time friendly relations the US and Canada has with one another.

Also this week, another US/Canadian partnership introduced.

The cities of Anaheim, California and Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada announced that they have entered into a special “relationship” between the two cities by sharing a tourism marketing campaign (via PRNewswire).

The tourism boards for both cities decided to put aside their competitive differences and come together in a mutually beneficial relationship to share tourism dollars.

The year-long campaign features videos, special events and mutual social media posts declaring their “love” for each other’s cities.

To view the three currently released videos, click here.



download-22Journalists in Liberia, Africa are partnering with local health organizations to use their voice for the benefit of the people of their country.

“The Anti-AIDS Media Network (AAMIN) in collaboration with the Joint United Nations Program on HIV and AIDS (UNAIDS) with support from the Swedish International Development Agency (Sida) has scaled up programs for journalists in three of Liberia’s 15 counties to create demand for community utilization of the Prevention of HIV Transmission from Mother-to-Child (PMTCT) and Antenatal Care (ANC).” – Front Page Africa

The journalists in Liberia are being trained on the health issues of the nation, so that they can get the message out to the people.  The collaboration is expected to decrease the high infant mortality rate, which is about 13 times that of the United States’ rate (comparison via CIA World Factbook).

“We as journalists have the ability to help change the world around us, develop our countries and cities; counties and districts; and our beloved towns, villages and communities” – Necus Andrews, Executive Director of the Media, Liberia


I can’t think of a better way for journalists to spread some love than to serve their country and people in this way.


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