Today’s good news: Blimps, seafood and camp

Every day there are so many interesting and inspiring stories communications pros.

There are so many great stories out there, it’s so hard to choose.  Sometimes there’s a theme, like the other day when we talked about Valentine’s Day.

But other times, there is no connection except that the stories are good news in the communications fields of  public relations, marketing and journalism.

Like today’s RoundUP that consists of blimps, seafood and a camp for budding journalists.


Public Relations

For almost 100 years, Goodyear tire company has been flying its beloved iconic blimps.


Good year’s Pilgrim Santa Express. Photo courtesy of the Lighter-than-air Society

Goodyear’s Pilgrim,  was the first commercial non-rigid airship to use helium.  Goodyear’s purpose for the blimp was purely for public relations.  Carrying the company’s logo, the blimp was to bring goodwill to “remote locations across” the U.S.

In the mid to late 1920’s, one of the most beloved public relations campaigns for Goodyear and their blimp was the “Santa Express“. The Santa Express is still part of the company’s public relations activities, partnering with Toys for Tots

Today, there are many Goodyear blimps that fly over sporting events and other community-spirit events.  The company uses Facebook and Twitter to build excitement for the blimp and to educate the public about Goodyear’s public relations activities.

Because PR is a major focus of the blimps, one of the main crew members of each blimp is the Airship Public Relations Specialist .

“The Public Relations (PR) Specialist is the communications representative and planning agent for the Blimp at his or her designated hangar. With a primary focus on generating public relations opportunities at the local and national level, the PR Specialist helps to tactically deploy the airship to televised events, customer-related initiatives and community-based events.

The Airship Public Relations Specialist works to capitalize on media opportunities and partnerships that will lead to positive press for the Blimp and Goodyear. This person also manages a schedule that satisfies a balance of media, public relations, and television-related opportunities.

Additionally, the Public Relations team plays a key role in managing the Goodyear Blimp’s social media content and works closely with the Pilot-in-Charge at their base to define a schedule that drives significant value for the Company. – Goodyear

In the past 90 years, the Goodyear blimp has changed many times, and aside from assisting the U.S. government during wartime, the focus has remained on public relations.

Today, Goodyear announced that they will make major upgrades to the Los Angeles area hangar in order to meet the needs of the new semi-rigid model “blimp” that was first introduced in 2011.

Although the new model is not actually a blimp, the focus remains the same: spreading goodwill for Goodyear and its community partners to adoring fans.

For more information on the history of the Goodyear blimp and its importance in public relations history, click here.


Photo of Goodyear’s new “blimp” courtesy of Goodyear



Maryland’s seafood industry is hoping to make a move that will benefit the branding of its industry.

Since 2011, the state’s seafood industry has fallen under its Department of Natural Resources (DNR)  For the past year or so, Maryland’s seafood industry’ marketing has been virtually nonexistent as the position of the DNR’s marketing specialist has remained unfilled after Steve Vilnit resigned and the person hired to fill his position quit a short time after being hired.

Recently, bill HB 120 was introduced in the state’s house of representatives that would move the state’s seafood industry back to the state’s Department of Agriculture.

The move would allow Maryland’s seafood to enjoy the same marketing brand as its agricultural products, additional marketing funds, and a new logo designed to boost the unique qualities and brand of Maryland’s seafood.


New Maryland seafood industry logo. Courtesy of the state’s governmental website: Dept. of Agriculture

Gov. Larry Hogan said,

“This bill is an important step toward recognizing the bond between farmers and watermen. As Marylanders, we all know that Maryland is home to the best seafood, and with a strong marketing plan from the Department of Agriculture, Maryland will be open to new markets and opportunities for our watermen.” – via Kobell; Bay Journal


“The industry would also benefit from established relationships with distributors, restaurants, grocery chains and other institutions, in addition to the department’s experience in promoting products to international buyers through the Southern United States Trade Association (SUSTA).” –




IPA 2005 Logo Color

Logo courtesy of Google.

The Illinois Press Foundation is currently seeking high school sophmores, juniors and graduating seniors to apply for its 11-day journalism immersion camp on the Eastern Illinois University campus at the end of June.

Applications will be accepted through May 24.

The program consists of hands on journalism field trips and instruction at media organizations and at the state capital.

For the past 20 years,

“Dozens of reporters, editors, publishers, photographers and other journalists have taught in the program since 1991, representing more than 50 newspapers and news organizations throughout Illinois and across the country.” – The Effingham Daily News

 For more information and link to the application, click here.
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