Lightening up this weekend: Today’s news in PR, Marketing and Journalism

I don’t know about you, but I’m glad it’s Friday! It’s been kind of a long week and I have plans with friends throughout the weekend.

You know what else is good about today? I’ve found three “good news” stories in the PR, marketing and journalism fields to share with you.  Out of sheer coincidence and a little design, today’s stories are all about fitness.


Public Relations

Who doesn’t like a good contest? A lot of public relations campaigns are built around contests to help current and potential customers or clients win something.  They can be a good PR strategy to reward loyal customers, renew interest in your company, or gain new followers.

captureBoss Running mobile app,designed to help people get physically fit, announced today that they’re launching a new PR campaign that involves users to win fitness gear.

Some of the prizes include:

  • An iPod touch®
  • BlenderBottle® shakers
  • Official BOSS Running exercise shirts

All you have to do to enter is to submit a photo, their fitness goals, and why they should win an iPod touch.

You can enter at

For more information about this new fitness app, go to Boss Running website.

Hope you win at your fitness goals and this contest!


As you head out of the office this afternoon, you might stop at your local pub or bar, or the liquor/grocery story to pick up an adult beverage. Or maybe you just got out of the gym and want something more than plain old water to quench your Friday night thirst.

Spring and Summer is almost here and you’ve been dieting.

So, which adult beverage won’t trash your fitness efforts or plans to fit into that new swimsuit by summer?

Henry’s Hard beverages, owned by the MillerCoors company,  announced a new marketing campaign tied to a new line of adult beverages under the Henry’s Hard brand. capture

Henry’s Hard Sparkling currently comes in two flavors: Lemon Lime and Passion Fruit.  At just a little over 90 calories and under 3 grams of carbs per bottle, the MillerCoors company is hoping that you will make these your adult beverage choice.

The target markets for this beverage are men and women alike who are dieting or into physical fitness.

The marketing campaign will include “advertising on high-profile partners such as TBS, Food Network, Bravo, USA, EPSN and Comedy Central, a digital presence on Men’s Health and Women’s Health, traditional print media support and public relations” (MillerCoors via PR Newswire)

On social media, “fans can share how they enjoy a balanced life with Henry’s Hard Sparkling by following @HenrysHardSparkling on Facebook and Instagram and using the hashtag #LiveHardish.”

The only complaint that I have is when I went to the website for the product, and I placed my zip code into the designated spot, this product is not yet available in my Upstate Central NY area despite the press release’s promise that it is now available in most liquor and grocery stores.  Maybe their waiting to toll this product out when our weather gets warmer?


Okay, so maybe this isn’t journalism news at all, but rather an idea prompted by something cute that happened to White House reporters this week.

Last Friday, New Yorker editor-in-chief David Remnick told White House reporters

“You can’t afford to be exhausted. This is the time you drink some coffee and work”.

Tom Hanks, then followed through by sending WH reporters a new espresso machine and a note telling them to keep up the good work at finding the truth. Tom Hanks and his gift trended on social media.

My advice to all reporters this week is in addition to coffee which may have some health benefits, exercise is a great stress and anxiety reliever.

Maybe you can all use that new Boss Running app and win some prizes while you’re working out your frustrations.

Or, your editors can all chip in and hire a semi-personal trainer to make daily visits to the press room.

Even better yet, fitness experts looking to expand their client lists can put out new exercise plans designed for busy reporters. Now, there’s an idea worth pursuing.


Have a great weekend. Hope you found this edition of PRdoctorit’s Round Up light and fun this Friday afternoon.

See you soon!


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